Serena Williams Says Goodbye To Her Dog, Jackie

A small Jack Russell Terrier sits in a Wilson tennis bag.

(Picture Credit: Instagram user serenawilliams)

Any dog owner can tell you that there’s no pain quite like the one felt when losing a dog. It’s an emptiness, knowing that the loving, happy face you’ve seen every day, even at your darkest times, won’t be there to greet you anymore. Tennis athlete Serena Williams is going through that pain after her 16-year-old dog, Jackie, passed away on Tuesday.

Williams got Jackie in 1999 when she was only 17 years old, and she posted a moving tribute on Instagram with photos of her beloved pup. She said that Jackie let her know that it was time for her “to be brave and let her go.” Williams was with her dad as they said a final goodbye to Jackie before she passed. 

Jackie sleeps in a pile of blankets on a dog bed.

(Picture Credit: Instagram user serenawilliams)

Williams has posted more pictures of Jackie on Instagram, and she reminds us all to “Give your dog, cat, pet a big hug.” The time we have with our animals may be shorter than we would like, but we continue to love them regardless and without restraint. Serena Williams is grateful for the joy and happiness that Jackie brought her in life, as we are all grateful for our own pets.

We wish Serena all the best in this hard time. Have you lost a pet? What do you do to honor their memory? Let us know in the comments below.