Dog Rings Bell To Help Salvation Army Raise Money

The dressed-up Santas and volunteers who ring bells outside of stores are a common sight during the holiday season. They brave the cold winter weather outside to raise money for the Salvation Army, reminding shoppers that it’s the season for giving. But one bell ringer is getting a bit more attention. His name is Alvin, and he’s a 155-pound Leonberger.

A large Leonberger rings a bell while his owner stands by with treats outside of a shopping center.

(Picture Credit: Pal-Item

Alvin’s owners, the Roberts family, trained Alvin to use his paws to ring the bell, a feat that earns him lots of treats and helped raise over $100 an hour in 2013. The massive dog continues to raise money this year with his adorable trick. But this isn’t the only good deed Alvin does over the year. He’s also a certified therapy dog.

With his family, Alvin visits hospitals and rehabilitation centers, and he also participates in school programs that promote reading, safety, and anit-bullying. Some of the people who stop by to put money in Alvin’s bucket during the holidays are former patients or families who were touched by the gentle giant’s care.

Alvin reminds us all not only to be generous during the holiday season, but to stay involved and make the world a better place throughout the year. Would you stop to donate money more often if dogs were helping out? Let us know in the comments below!