7 Slowest Greyhounds In The World

Greyhounds are well known for their speed. As racing dogs, they’re bred to go fast. But they can’t be speedy all of the time. In fact, Greyhounds spend a good portion of their day taking it slow, being lazy, and resting up for the next sprint. You wouldn’t think some of the fastest dogs in the world could also be the slowest, but the Greyhounds in these videos show just how slow they can be.

1. I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up

Abby takes her relaxation pretty seriously. When it’s time to lie down on the couch, she doesn’t even bother to get into a comfortable position. That would take too much energy. Instead she just plops down, head flopping off into space. Eventually she gets up, but she seems pretty annoyed about having to gain any momentum.

2. Nap Time Is All Times

Tip and Olive don’t realize they’re being spied on, but this time lapse footage covers several hours of them doing absolutely nothing. The pups take turns on the couch and only move to get into weirder and less comfortable looking positions from time to time. The life of a Greyhound is tough.

3. I’m Still Not Moving

Most dogs are scared of the vacuum, but Butch is just too lazy to concern himself. In fact, he sees it as an opportunity to get clean without spending all the energy on a bath. The pup does a good impression of the floor and lets the vacuum do its work. No need to move an inch.

4. Lazy River Ride

It doesn’t get much lazier than a lazy river. Peanut is ready to just let the water do the work and she relaxes on her little raft. Her paws dangle over the edge, keeping her cool as she soaks up the sunshine. This pup is just chilling and living the good life.

5. I’ll Catch Up Later, Maybe

Dudley just came back from a walk, and a run around the yard is out of the question. His dog friend is ready to play, but the tired Greyhound’s paws are firmly planted. His owner suggests that he go run around the yard, but Dudley replies with a dismissive yawn. No thanks.

6. In A Hurry To Not Hurry

Tobey is a former racing dog and he’s making up for it by taking things slow. This pup just wants to walk around to get a bit of fresh air. The only time he actually picks up the pace is when it’s time to find his favorite chair so he can lie down and relax.

7. What Part Of Retired Don’t You Get?

Issy and Beau are retired from racing, and they know you can’t spell “retired” without “tired.” For eight hours, the two pups are content to simply share the couch, only getting up for a potty break and to change positions. It must be tough spending all that energy to find the most comfy place to lie down for a few hours.

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