Dogs Who Got More Than They Expected Playing Ball

Most dogs get excited at the mere mention of the word “ball.” There’s nothing quite like a game of fetch for a dog to feel the wind in his face and use his hunting instincts like his wolf ancestors. But sometimes pups get way more than they bargain for when they want the tennis ball to come out. Here are some dogs who wanted to play ball, but had the best day ever instead.

1. More For Maymo

A brand new ball is a great birthday present for any fetch-loving pup. But Maymo the Beagle’s birthday gift takes it to the next level. He got his very own ball pit, and he’s about as excited as can be. He’s happy to jump in and pick out which ball he’s going to chew to oblivion next. What a great present!

2. They’re Everywhere!

This Black Labrador is thrilled to just have one tennis ball. With a Lab, an old tennis ball means it’s a good day. But soon there’s another ball. And another. This pup doesn’t know which one to pick up and which one to let go of. Suddenly, he’s under a deluge of 300 old tennis balls given by a local tennis instructor. Now this dog is having one of the best days ever!

3. The Never-Ending Game

For centuries, dogs have had to rely on humans to toss the ball for them. But we live in the future. This Dachshund has a robot pal to play fetch with. He happily runs down the ball, carries it to the tiny machine, and drops it in before hurrying back to wait for the launcher to launch. The thing is, the game never ends. Usually a human gets tired and calls it quits, but now the game can go on forever. Some say the Dachshund is still playing fetch to this day.

4. The Pug Pen

Going in the ball pit was always exciting as a kid, but I was never near as excited as Grover the Pug is. His Pug-sized playpen is full of plastic balls, which turns Grover into a Pug tornado. The walls can barely hold him as he jumps around, having the time of his life. He stops for a little break, but it won’t last for long. He’s got energy to burn.

5. It’s Just Too Much

The pup in this video doesn’t care that the ball is almost twice his size. He loves fetch, and that’s what he’s going to do. So as soon as the ball is thrown, he’s off at full steam. Unfortunately, he’s moving a bit too fast, and the bouncy, pink ball launches him into a mid-air somersault. But after a rough landing, he’s back up, attacking that ball.

6. Frenchie Freaks Out

Sometimes you get so excited you just can’t be calmed down. This French Bulldog won’t chill for anyone. Even his Schnauzer friend seems to be saying, “Woah, dude. Take it easy.” But the Frenchie has never seen a ball pit before, and it’s blowing his mind. It’s like the best game of his life times a hundred. His joy could probably power a small nation.

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