A dog named Bailey

The bio outside her kennel describes the five-year-old as sweet, shy, and the victim of a recent accident. I have no details regarding the accident, but the good news is that the quiet girl seems neither scared nor people averse. Her eyes follow me as I move into the kennel and she rolls calmly to her back as I approach. The belly rubbing begins.

Bailey could be the quintessential rescue dog. Timid, yet trusting. Maybe a little sad, but comforted by physical closeness. After ten minutes of uninterrupted stroking, it’s clear she wants nothing more than for it to continue. One look in those eyes and I’m forced to oblige. She plays it innocent, but she knows a sucker when she sees one…

Shy, sweet, and available

Bailey is currently available at the Santa Fe, New Mexico, Humane Society shelter.

Not too shy for a kiss

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