Lap dog in the body of a Mastiff

He’s big and strong and significantly outweighs me, so I figured the problem would be getting flung this way and that as we made our way from his kennel to the shelter’s off-leash park. Turns out, the walk was a breeze.

When it came time to come back indoors, the confident Mastiff mix turned into a shaking Chihuahua. It wasn’t simply about wanting more time outside, it was almost as if he suddenly became superstitious about stepping through entryways. He hedged at every door and quivered as three of us first coaxed, then carried(!) him across thresholds–and there were several to navigate on the way back “home.”

The outline of his tumor is barely visible

Once inside the kennel, the big guy loosened up. And the closer he stood to me, the safer he felt. In a few minutes, he was literally perched on my calf. (I tolerated the pain long enough to snap a picture.)

In touch with his inner lap dog

Meanwhile, a golf ball sized tumor on the left side of his neck doesn’t seem to bother him in the least. I don’t know yet whether it’s malignant. Even if it does turn out to be cancer, I have a feeling his biggest worry will still be stepping into unknown territory.

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