Yet another Pit Bull breaks stereotypes

As the vet tech who initially examined her said, “Looks like someone left her with 100 pounds of food and then abandoned her for about four years.”

She’s morbidly overweight and suffers Demodex, a painfully uncomfortable skin condition which has left her face and parts of her back bloody and raw.

Demodex is worst on her face

And she’s filthy. After a few moments of petting, my hands are black with dirt. The neglect is heartbreaking. Her owners finally made a smart decision today and surrendered her to Santa Fe Animal Control. At least now she’ll get some medical care.

My hands are nearly black after petting her

She’s slightly shut down, makes little movement when I enter her kennel. But her eyes are soft and there’s no sign of aggression. Her tail is tucked–she’s scared, but not angry. Within minutes, she sidles closer. She’s comforted by my stroking and cooing, and I’m relieved that there’s one more Pit Bull breaking stereotypes… and on her way to a better home.

The view from inside

Even if she doesn’t know it yet.

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