After five years, home

Tipper: so close to — yet so far away from — a forever family

Tipper, a gentle, sweet Pit Bull mix, has been in need of a home for years. He was adopted from the Maricopa County Animal Control facility in Mesa, Arizona, but shortly thereafter found himself again looking for a family when his owners had to move.

Knowing he’d be euthanized if he was returned to Animal Control, Robin Hood Animal Rescue took Tipper in and vowed to find him a loving home. But large black Pit Bulls don’t always have the greatest luck, and five years later, Tipper was still without a family of his own.

Kurt Peters is hoping to bring Tipper home

Kurt Peters, of Green Bay, Wisconsin, has a long history of rescuing dogs. From abused animals he’d found in need of medical care to strays he’d pick up on his way home from work, Peters has seen–and rehabilitated–all sorts.

When a friend told him about Tipper, Peters located him on Dogtime’s Facebook application, Save a Dog, and began virtually fostering him. In the meantime, he’d contacted Robin Hood Animal Rescue. Five years was too long for anyone to wait for a permanent home–Peters would adopt Tipper himself.

Had it not been for Robin Hood Animal Rescue, Tipper certainly wouldn’t have had a chance. And even with the help of the rescue organization, Tipper has suffered from depression and loneliness.

But his journey is not quite over. The road from Phoenix to Green Bay is a long one, which is why volunteers are needed to help relocate Tipper to his new home (see sidebar at right). If all goes well, Tipper and Kurt Peters will unite on October 10.

You can help! See sidebar for details…

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