After Lots Of Love This Beaten And Depressed Dog Is Like A Puppy Again

A Pit Bull had been beaten severely around the head and wound up in a shelter. Photos of the dog were circulating around social media, but no one knew what type of brain damage the dog would potentially suffer, because his head was swollen to twice the normal size. This dog had no one claiming him and a very grim future ahead.

Karma Rescue volunteer, Alex saw photos of Petey and felt compelled to help. He was immediately pulled from the shelter and on his way to see a vet that day.

It is not known if the canine was used as a bait or just the victim of a vicious random attack, all that is known is that his head was severely beaten with what they believe was a heavy, sharp object.

Petey’s body was healing and gaining weight every day, but the trauma suffered was so severe that it would take an emotional toll.

Ten weeks later, and Petey found himself in a new home with a nice person that was not going to beat him. It took a while for him to take in his new surroundings and for it to sink in that he was okay and not in danger, but eventually, it did sink in and Petey relaxed.

As time went by Petey’s young playful self started coming out. This dog was beaten down in so many ways, and now has a new life and an entirely new outlook. He is like a happy little puppy enjoying his new life.

We love a happy ending at DogTime.

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