Man Runs Into Burning Building To Save His Dog

The bonds between people and pets is strong, but would you put your life on the line to save your dog? This story comes to us from The Maitland Mercury with an amazing photo by Cath Bowen.

(Photo Credit: The Maitland Mercury – Photo by Cath Bowen)

(Photo Credit: The Maitland Mercury – Photo by Cath Bowen)

In Rutherford Australia, a man did not hesitate to save the life of Ditch, his beloved family German Shepherd mix. Mark Woodbury had stepped out to pick up a few last minute supplies for an upcoming fishing trip and when he returned to his home, it was in flames. There was smoke everywhere, but Woodbury ran inside the burning structure without a second thought to his own life. Thick black smoke made it difficult to see and combined with the extreme heat, eventually he had to run back outside for air. It took a few attempts but he refused to give up, and on the third try, found what he was looking for. In fact he literally tripped over him. Ditch was laying unconscious on the floor. Woodbury scooped the dog up and carried him to safety.

Woodbury emerged with his dying dog and was about to perform CPR himself, but Rescue workers were already on scene and took over. With the help of a ventilator, medics had Ditch breathing again.

Woodbury said he lost many kitchen appliances and the house was not insured, but none of that mattered. He could not have imagined losing his rescue dog and best friend, Ditch.

He also has a wife and children, who thankfully were not present during the fire.

If this happened to you, would you risk your life to run into a burning structure to save your pet?

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