6 Dogs Who Found Funny Ways To Overcome Their Fears [VIDEOS]

dog peeks out from under the blanket knitted

(Picture Credit: kozorog/Getty Images)

We can learn a lot from our pups about love, loyalty, and facing our fears.

Dogs have phobias just like humans, but sometimes they can summon the courage to deal with what they’re afraid of.

Here are a few pups who found creative and funny ways to be brave in the face of fear.

1. If You Can’t See It, It Doesn’t Exist

Queso is a cowardly Pit Bull who has an odd fear. He doesn’t like doorways.

But he’s found the solution for getting from room to room. He just does it backwards. For some reason, if he doesn’t have to look at the doorway, he’s just fine.

The pooch takes on the entrance tail-first, and all is well.

2. The Deep End Is No Problem

Rosie’s ball drifted to the deep end of the pool, which can be pretty scary, but that won’t stop her from getting her toy.

She’s not about to get all wet, so she simply makes the deep end into the shallow end. She takes the nice, safe kiddie pool, launches it like a raft, and paddles her way to the prize.

She didn’t even have to get her head wet.

3. Create A Diversion

Bo the Golden Retriever doesn’t like when a black cat is in his path, and Chevy the cat isn’t moving.

Bo isn’t about to tempt fate, so he calls in the big dog to take care of they kitty foe.

Fenway the German Shepherd takes one for the team and chases Chevy away. It helps to have friends in low places.

4. Knock It Down

This dog is pretty unsure about a feather caught on the back door of his house. He might suffer a horrible tickling if he’s not careful.

Luckily, this pup faced his fears by knocking the feather off the door to the ground where it can no longer do all that scary flapping in the breeze.

What a very brave dog!

5. The Floor Is Lava

This Boxer is not fond of wood floors. It’s not far from the couch to the rug, but he’s still not happy about it.

He throws a pillow down just to shorten the distance, then makes sure every other route is not an option before he finally takes the two steps at a brisk pace.

The pup has a lot to say about overcoming that obstacle, but you’d be excited too if you conquered your greatest fear.

6. Teach Me Your Ways

The older Golden Retriever in this video has been to the park a lot, and she knows just how fun the slide can be. But her younger sibling isn’t too sure yet.

She approaches the slide apprehensively, but the older pup knows sometimes you need a good push–or pull. She grabs the young pup’s leash and tugs her down the slide, then hands the leash over to mama.

Now puppy knows there’’s nothing to be scared of, and the slide is actually pretty fun.

Do you think our dogs can teach us to be brave? Does your pup have a way of conquering their fears? Let us know in the comments below!