Healing nicely, headed for adoption

Last weekend at the Santa Fe Pet Parade I saw a t-shirt that read: It’s only funny ’til someone winds up with a cone on their head. Ah, canine humor.

Completely focused on the peanut butter covered football

Fortunately, this jolly Pittie didn’t seem to mind hers too much. She’s wearing it to prevent her from licking and biting the stitches on her right front leg. Which happily, don’t seem to bother her either.

Football: trapped!

As with many of the strays here, I have no idea how her injuries were received. I’m just thrilled to see that she’s comfortable with people, not hand- or head-shy, and appears to be in good spirits.

Ready for her close-up

All of which point to a great shot at adoption, just as soon as she’s all fixed up.

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