Abused Dog Left Tied To A Fence To Die

A local resident of South Florida, was walking their dog, when the canine keyed in on a scent. The dog’s owner decided to investigate and deep in some brush behind an apartment complex, he made a shocking discovery. Tied to a fence was a sickly, abused, mistreated, tiny dog that someone had left to die under the hot Florida sun.

Heartbreaking photo of Sam at time of rescue. (Photo Credit: Florida Yorkie Rescue)

Kit DeRoche, founder of Florida Yorkie Rescue, stepped up and agreed to take the little white Poodle.

She told the Dodo that when she picked the little dog up they were so convinced that he could pass at any moment that she, her husband, and the person that transported the pup prayed for the dying creature right at the gas station, where they met. She was not even sure the fragile, emaciated pup would survive one night.

He was named Sam and immediately taken to the vet where they found out he was blind and had several other ailments. Rescue workers knew they were in for a long possibly heart breaking journey. But DeRoche made the decision that she was going to do everything in her power to help the little Poodle.

When he was found Sam was emaciated, dehydrated, sunburned and had hundreds of ticks on his body and that was not even the worst of it. Sam also had a tumor, an enlarged spleen, glaucoma and infections.

Sam is doing much better now! (Photo Credit: Florida Yorkie Rescue)

It’s been a month since Sam was found, and had his life completely turned around. He’s had countless vet appointments: test after test, blood work, x-rays and is doing much better. He also barked last week, for the very first time, when another dog was sleeping in the bed that he wanted to sleep in. He is up to ten pounds from seven and will soon be making a public appearance.

Florida Yorkie Rescue is kicking off their first party for Yorkie House of Hearts, a senior dog sanctuary. It will be held August 29th in Palm City, Florida and Sam is the guest of honor! You will be able to get a picture with him and his paw-tograph. If you don’t live near by you will be able to order Sam’s paw-tograph online! Details coming soon. All proceeds going to House of Hearts.

He went from being left alone to die by himself to having fans all over the world.

If you would like to see more about Sam’s journey, here are many more photos and videos.

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