Stacy and Mocha from Franklin, TN


Human: Stacy

Canine: Mocha

Location: Franklin, TN

Type: German Shorthaired Pointer

Our Story:

At Broward county Humane Society. But let me step back… we had recently lost one of the best dogs anyone has ever met to cancer. Our other dog was starting to show signs of being lonely and we really didn’t want her spirit to die so I started looking for a new friend for her (Kona is a Weimaraner that we adopted that was turned in for being too hyper). That is when I heard Mocha had been returned twice to the shelter for being too active/hyper and I figured we would be a great pet family for him. While he is quite the handful and is an expert counter surfer, he is smart and goofy and when properly exercised is the perfect amount of active!! We are very lucky to have found him.