Lori Dixon and Joe B from petfinder NY


Human: Lori Dixon

Canine: Joe B

Location: petfinder NY

Type: Cairn Terrier / Chinese Crested mix

Our Story:

After a horrible Christmas 2001 where my first cairn terrier Simon suddenly developed a highly malignant pleural tumor and passed away suddenly, I saw the most adorable 11 year old cairn mix on Petfinder. He had been rescued from Manhattan SPCA and had been abused. Then he had been in foster about a year. I saw his photos and just knew he was the one. I changed all the screen savers at our business to a photo of him. The foster mom had a very rigorous screening process and it took perhaps 2 months before we got the ok. The day we were to drive up to NY- we took the day off- we found one of our cats had passed away.

It was so sad, yet we could not give up our trip to get Joe.Three  months after he became a part of our family, he developed a heart murmur. At about 20 years old (we stopped counting) he is still going strong, on 3 meds and he is totally worth it. He follows me around all day and when we are doing work around the house, he is always the one to want to help!

One funny thing: coming from Manhattan he HATED birds for years- perhaps because of the pigeons?