Deborah Cole and Jack from Frisco, TX


Human: Deborah Cole

Canine: Jack

Location: Frisco, TX

Type: American Pit Bull Terrier / Chinese Shar-Pei mix

Our Story:

We found Jack at an animal shelter. We went in looking for a small dog as we live in an apartment. All the dogs were yapping and barking, but not Jack. You see, Jack was set to be put down the very next day as they only keep their dogs for a couple weeks and then have to euthanize. He looked so sad, had given up hope and was just miserable. Even though he is a big dog, I had to have him. He needed love so desperately. He loves everybody and everybody loves Jack! Everyone at the complex knows Jack by name, even though they don’t know us! He is a good boy and loves to please. He is loyal and faithful, kind and loving. I am so glad I made it in time to save Jack! I will never forget the truck ride leaving the shelter. He kissed and kissed us both all the way to the vet’s. He was so happy to finally have people to love!