Jeannie Evans and Tigger from US


Human: Jeannie Evans

Canine: Tigger

Location: US

Type: Chow Chow / German Shepherd Dog mix

Our Story:

One day out of nowhere, a little ball of black and brown fur appeared on my doorstep. Apparently someone dropped her and her 3 brothers, who we found later, off in the middle of our woods. First thing my husband said was we weren’t keeping her. I didn’t know what to do with her and since it was the middle of January, I didn’t want to leave her outside. He said she could come in just for the night. It was so hard to resist those big brown eyes. We knew we couldn’t keep her. The size of her feet told us she was going to be a big dog. I knew she has some German Shepherd in her but didn’t know what else. That night she slept with me while I laid on the couch. In the days to follow, I tried to give her away. No one could take her, especially since she was going to be such a big dog. The more I tried to get rid of her, the more attached I became. I was filling out papers for a rescue to take her when my husband said I could keep her. Well, that was 12 years ago and she’s never left. Her brothers were adopted and I am so happy she chose us! I was later to find out how strong of a dog she really was. Had to live in the cold nights before she appeared, When she was a year old, she was shot in the chest, happened 3 days before Christmas. Endured numerous treatments for the bullet wounds. The 1st one nearly missed her lung and the 2nd was near her hip. They are still there today. Later she fell into a well that a neighbor had left uncovered and nearly drowned. Luckily my husband heard her screams. I thought she fought so hard to find us and now she was going to be taken away. God had other plans for her. The most amazing thing is the way she’s paying us back. Somehow, with no training, she can detect my husband’s seizures. One day she prevented him from driving off by getting up into the cab of the truck and blocking my husband. He later had his 1st seizure. I’ll never forget the day she appeared and I thank God for leading her to my door. I could never ask for a more wonderful dog.