connie and gunner from streets of philadelphia


Human: connie

Canine: gunner

Location: streets of philadelphia

Type: Mutt

Our Story:

I received a phone call from my brother about dogs being neglected. My brother was working for a company delivering auto parts. He kept noticing these poor dogs who were always outside, never any food or water so he would take food to them and feed them his lunch. He went on 12/21 and it was freezing cold out and he noticed that there were puppies there now. He asked the guys about the dogs and the guys at the auto parts said that the dogs are always outside and that the last group of puppies had died. My brother called me and I called the auto parts people and asked them to go knock on the door and get the ladies phone number. I called the lady and asked her about the puppies. She told me she couldn’t just give them to me and told me i could have them for $10 per puppy. I lived about 35 minutes away and went there the next day. I found 3 adult dogs and 4 tiny puppies there in a back yard littered with trash, no food, no water, feces everywhere and it was freezing. I went and bought huge bags of dog food and poured them out to the dogs. At this point the owner would not answer the door and the poor puppies were getting trampled trying to get some of the food. I persisted on knocking on the door and a little boy came to the door (after about a half hour)–I gave him $40 and took the four puppies. I bought another bag of food and poured it out for the adults and called some rescues to help the adults. I brought the four pups home and they were covered with fleas (it was freezing cold and the fleas were still alive on them). I brought all four to my home (2 boys and 2 girls) and made some calls to find them homes. I found all of them homes but fell in love with one–my little Gunner (he was named Gunner because he was found on a street named Aramingo ave which was called gunners row). I took Gunner to the vet on Christmas eve and he was so sick–they determined him to be about 4 weeks old, he had worms, giardia, fleas, bad eyes and was underweight. My vet also fell in love and all the techs would make bets on his size because he kept doubling in weight in weeks. The first week we had him home we realized that he liked to sing and every hour when our clock went off he would howl in his sleep and/or get up and run to the clock and howl….It’s something he does every day and now he has added the theme song from Law and Order as well. He fit into my family perfect and he loves his older sister and older brother (Jersey Girl and Trent).

His siblings are doing great and i see them often because my cousin has the two sisters and my other cousin has the boy. Their names are Gunner, Ruby, Lucky and Cody. Gunner was my best Christmas gift ever especially since my oldest dog (Trent) passed away this past January…..and Gunner is just so attuned to my sadness over it.