Anne and Jesse from Queens NY


Human: Anne

Canine: Jesse

Location: Queens NY

Type: Siberian Husky

Our Story:

We met at a Queens, NY street fair. It was the ending of the day and Jesse (name was Jessica at the time) was hot and tired, it was a warm day! I went over and pet her and asked the pet shelter why such a beautiful dog was up for adoption. They told me her previous family lost their house due to the economy and had no choice but to give her up. Then asked, do I want to adopt her?

I told them I am still mourning my dog that I had for 16 1/2 years (3 weeks earlier she died) and I am not ready for another dog yet.

Well 2 weeks later I went to the animal shelter to volunteer, and walk some dogs. Jesse was still there! She was the last dog I walked that day and she came home with me. My husband knew we would eventually get another dog but never imagined it would be my first day of volunteering. It was meant to be….She needed a home and we needed a dog! My home is again complete…Jesse gives us what we were missing those few weeks without a dog. We all love her so much!!!