JoAnna Gale and Gunner from Newspaper Article


Human: JoAnna Gale

Canine: Gunner

Location: Newspaper Article

Type: Mutt

Our Story:

Gunner is our Dumpster Doggie. He was rescued from a dumpster with 4 of his litter mates when he was just a day or two old. Luckily someone heard them crying and took them to a local vet. They were then hand raised by a local breeder whose family was kind enough to take them all in. We had been looking for a puppy–the first for our family–and had been checking local shelters. One day I opened the newspaper and there was an article about these puppies and it stated that they were ready to be adopted. We looked at the picture of the healthy, happy puppies and knew we had found our new family member. His breed is unknown but we know we love him! From trash to treasure–that’s our Gunner.