Carol and Chewy from Street corner near our home


Human: Carol

Canine: Chewy

Location: Street corner near our home

Type: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Our Story:

It was August. We had our 10-year-old neutered white Boxer boy put down from tail cancer (the kind that spreads like wildfire and can’t be stopped).

We also have a 4-year-old female spayed German Shepherd. They had bonded. Quin had grieved for a couple months.

My husband and I started building a short list. It’s just not the same with one dog. I wanted one that doesn’t shed, about knee height, 40-50 lbs. I kept telling him Poodle or Terrier types. We both love the scruffy faces.

My brother and sister-in-law had a Wheaten. I’d heard they are tough to housebreak, but about the same temperament as a Boxer. Also on my list, and later on my husband’s was a Dobie, a Cairn, Labradoodle, Norwich.

We live near a major through street and one day, a girl was sitting in a lawn chair on the corner with a pen of rust/brown puppies. For several days we passed on our way home. One day, my son and I decided to stop. We asked questions, held one of the bigger darker ones. When we got home, we told my husband about these puppies. That weekend he told us to go back to the corner. While we were playing with a puppy out of the pen, my husband called and said “pick one out. I’ve already given her a down payment.” Andy and I couldn’t believe it.

Chewy’s parents are Luke Skywalker and Princess Laya. We saw both of them. Andy and Chewy have bonded. Andy wishes he could take Chewy to school and work because Chewster is such a “chick magnet.” I love this little snowman. He loves to play outside. He won’t get his adult cut til we get warmer weather. Chew and Quin have bonded. They whine when they’re apart. And they have to sleep within a foot of each other.