Lisa and Charms from humane society


Human: Lisa

Canine: Charms

Location: humane society

Type: Golden Retriever

Our Story:

It had been a few years since I had a dog due to living in rental property, so when I bought my house I decided to get a canine friend again! I found a mixed breed I was interested in, but when I brought my husband to see him, he had been adopted.

However, in the kennel right next, I noticed a lump of gold way in the back. I crouched down and she crawled up to be petted. We went into a”meeting” room, she laid her head on my knee, and it was all over!!! I then found out she had been taken from her previous home due to neglect. She was somewhere around one year, had recently had a litter of pups, had many kennel sores, flea bitten ears, and was heartworm positive. They said I could leave her there for a month for treatment, or take her home if I was willing too take on her care. You can guess what happened, the most expensive pound pup I ever owned:)

She was the most loving, faithful dog I ever owned! Everyone who met her loved her, and asked how I had such a well behaved dog; but it wasn’t me, she lived to please. She was my soulmate, and carried me through some very rough times. I didn’t rescue her, she rescued me!! We spent 8 wonderful years together until a nasty spleen cancer tumor took her away, but I’m thankful for every golden day I was able to spend with her!!!