ALS and Maya from Lexington, KY

Human: ALS

Canine: Maya

Location: Lexington, KY

Type: Beagle / Chihuahua mix

Our Story:

Here is how it works: My mom wanted a dog so bad that when she moved out of the dorms her junior year in college to an apartment she had to get a dog. She told me that she got me before she even had a bed to sleep in. I was surprised because she really loves me. She told me that she was only allowed to have dogs that are under 20 lbs in her apartment and that she did not want a puppy because of the commitment, housetraining, chewing, and all the other puppy experiences.

She searched and searched petfinder and at Petsmarts adoptathon until she found several purebreds that she wanted to adopt. She found out that most purebred rescues will not adopt to a college student nor someone who lives in an apartment. She was pretty upset but persistent. One day while she was searching she found my momma. She was like, wow this dog is really cute and not a puppy. So she put in an application for her.

She received an email 2 days later that said my momma had been adopted but she had 4 puppies. My mom then sent her an email saying she wanted an adult dog, not one that was going to destroy her apartment. Well the adoption lady sent her my pictures as well as my brother and sister’s pictures. My mom instantly fell in love with me through the pictures. She filled out the application and set up a day to meet to get me.

When she got me I was a 10 week old puppy and my mom did not know what she was getting into. I weighed a whole 4 lbs and always wanted to be by her side.

I guess you can say I am a momma’s girl. We are still very close. She loves me so much that she buys me gourmet dog treats, homemade dog collars, fleece coats and a whole lot of other stuff. I mean, wow — my mom really loves me.

I am happy those ladies from the purebred rescues did not adopt to her because then I may not have found the home of my dreams. I am 2 years old now and weigh in at 15lbs. I am doing agility and it is a lot of work but mom and I get to bond a whole lot more. Plus I forgot we moved to a different state now and we visit the dog park 2 to 3 times a week. I know I know I am spoiled. What can I say? The other dogs don’t know a good home until they find one and I found mine.


Maya (akc registered name Rivera Maya)