Rosanna Krenn and Chico from Wheeling, West Virginia


Human: Rosanna Krenn

Canine: Chico

Location: Wheeling, West Virginia

Type: Puggle

Our Story:

I am an animal rescue transport driver and it happened during a transport in July, 2009. I live in Pittsburgh, PA, and I picked up Chico, who was just under a year old, in Cambridge, OH, and transported him and his fellow rescue doggies to the next leg location, which was to take place at the Cabella’s shopping center in West Virginia, just off of I-70. I kept looking at him in the rear view mirror and noticed that every time I did, he would meet my eyes in the mirror. I thought he was really cute.

I got to the hand-off location for the next leg which was in West Virginia. (Chico was going to Wet Nose Dog Rescue in Feasterville.) I was a bit early so I decided to pet Chico for awhile. So, after walking the doggies, I sat with Chico in the back seat of the car and just held him and petted him. He is all about being petted.

Then came time to hand him off to the next driver, so I gave Chico one last hug. As her vehicle pulled away, I noticed that Chico was watching me from her car, with his nose to the glass. And I was watching him too….and the the tears started. Strangely enough we watched each other until we were out of sight. After just sitting in my car sobbing because I lost my Chico, I went home and thought about him a lot. I had never ever “fallen” for any of the rescue dogs on a transport, but fall for him I did…completely.

That evening I emailed the rescue with an adoption application. The transport coordinator on that run set up a return transport to bring Chico back to me the following weekend. True Love at First Sight. And even though Chico is the devil dog of my old age, he is still my little love and I am still head over heels in love with him.