michelle and meatball from petfinder/new jersey shelter


Human: michelle

Canine: meatball

Location: petfinder/new jersey shelter

Type: Basset Hound / Beagle mix

Our Story:

My Chihuahua, Jackey, just wasn’t totally doing it for me so i wanted another doggie. Possible play companion but a dog i could walk. A bigger dog. I became very fond of Basset Hounds after being a groomer for many years. Every day I cruise petfinder ads. I’m also involved (for many years) with a local rescue group, but at the time we didn’t have any proper matches for my Chihuahua.

I came across this funny write-up about a dog named Meatball. Something about “he’ll never win the Basset 500”. He was so photogenic! I was smitten instantly!

I went to see him.

Six months with no applications or interest, I was sure they would euthanize him. We went to his kennel run. He was laying wedged in the middle of two big, thick comforters, not moving. Someone yelled, “Meatball” and he huffed, slightly turned his head, but didn’t get up. I was smitten!!

They brought him out and his skin was so bad and he was grossly overweight. A super mellow fellow,

didn’t really care to socialize with my Chihuahua, but who cares? He’s a great dog! Walks like a stubborn mule. Didn’t get what I “wanted” but got what I “needed.” The first year he had TWO ACL SURGERIES and serious gastrointestinal problems resulting in about seven thousand in medical bills. He’s lost just over 20 lbs since we’ve had him. Bad, bad thyroid issues.

My husband lost his father right around the time we got Meatball and with his medical issues, putting him down was NOT an issue. Having lost one person we were not going to lose another being! He’s fantastic when you’re having a bad day… lots of big hugs and loves his scratches… Oh, and don’t forget the farts on a daily basis.

We wouldn’t trade him for the world! I am sure that he would have been euthanized if we had not adopted him. No dog could ever take the place of this big boy! There’s truly only one Meatball!!