Bradley and Jet from I don’t remember

Human: Bradley

Canine: Jet

Location: I don’t remember

Type: Boxer / American Pit Bull Terrier mix

Our Story:

Well, my family and I were coming home from our grandma’s house when my brother sees a small dog in the truck. It was jumping around everywhere. The driver probably saw my brother’s expression and made an expression that said, “Do you want the dog?”

He drove to the right of us and at the next stop he got out of the car and asked us if we wanted it. My parents were thinking and they weren’t sure at first, but when they saw that we really wanted it they couldn’t say no. From then on we got Jet.

We didn’t know what to call him for a while though. We kept thinking and thinking until my brother said I should name him since I saw it. I want to name him Jet after my favorite actor Jet Li. Well, we couldn’t think of another name so we decided to name him that. We have had him for 8 months. Even though we got a new dog a week ago, he’s been our favorite.