janice and Lily from rescue society in ct.

Human: janice

Canine: Lily

Location: rescue society in ct.

Type: Pekingese / Mutt mix

Our Story:

We recently had lost our little Westie and were looking for a small dog. We decided to visit the rescue for the Hartford area, and they had a small scruffy white crying puppy. She was dirty and virtually traumatized and had been on the streets for a while. We took her home and she was quite a problem because she did not trust anyone. Slowly she began to trust only me and she has remained only trusting me. She has cataracts and is almost blind, but we have another wonderful rescue dog–Dieter, who is a shepard mix–who takes her outside and watches over her and makes sure she doesn’t get lost (which happens quite often). They are both our babies and so happy they were able to find us.