Shirley and Rocky from Chesapeake VA


Human: Shirley

Canine: Rocky

Location: Chesapeake VA

Type: Rottweiler / German Shepherd Dog mix

Our Story:

We went to the Chesapeake Animal Control in July, looking to adopt our new furry friend. There were two cute little puppies in the same cage together, brothers from the same litter. One looked more like a rottie, and the other more like a shepherd. When we took them both into the room to play with them, the little black one came up and laid his head down on my foot. The night before I had been watching the new Rocky flick, and had a dream of adopting a little black puppy and naming him Rocky. Looking down at this pup on my foot. I softly spoke his name and he just looked up at me, tail wagging. It was love at first sight.

He went home with us that day. We loved him so much, but unfortunately he was not meant to stay with us on this earth. We found out in January he had severe hip dysplasia. On pain killers he was miserable, he couldn’t run or go on walks. He couldn’t go back to the dog park without fear of ripping his hip out of what little socket he had. I had spoken to several surgeons, and one surgeon sat me down, willing to do the surgery, but with the understanding that he would never be a happy dog. He would never be allowed to go for walks, run even in the back yard, go to the dog park or play with Molly at home. He would be on pain medicine for the rest of his life, and would require numerous surgeries that were taking a risk on his quality of life for his joints. It killed me to make the decision but we did. And as he went to sleep I held him in my hands, quietly talking to him, promising him a better life in heaven, and that in time I would see him soon to play catch with him and take him on long walks amongst the clouds. R.I.P. Rocky ~April 12th, 2007- April 14th, 2008~ I miss my little man!