Srimathi Vathsangam and Tia from India


Human: Srimathi Vathsangam

Canine: Tia

Location: India

Type: Labrador Retriever

Our Story:

Normal evening is a walk with our dog Prince and his pal Tara. Fate intervened on December 15, December. We were crossing Blue Cross India clinic when we heard plaintive cries from the other side of a high compound wall. My co-walker and I thought it was a bitch that had given birth to puppies and walked away.

The next day, exactly the same time in the evening when we crossed the same place we heard the same cries, but this time it was near the wall. Our dogs refused to move out from that wall. They correctly smelled the dog on the other side of the wall. Surprising thing was many people had walked that path in the morning and nobody had heard anything.

My co-walker jumped over the wall and saw a beautiful pup with light brown eyes pleading. So we took her out and brought her home. It was a Lab, about 3 to 4 months old.

Poor thing, we then realized she had been abandoned by her owners because she had hip dysplasia on both sides. On top of that she was starved without food or water for almost a week to 10 days(we were told by the doctors). Her former owners were hoping she would die on her own rather than euthanizing her which is much more humane.

She had 3 loaves of bread and a half bucket of water.

After that we took her immediately to a vet and initially after the x-ray we were warned that we may have to put her to sleep as her problem was very severe. We were asked to come next day to get a second opinion and lo and behold the surgeon whom we met told us she could have a normal life if we operate on her.

So on December 19 we named her Tia (greek name for “Gift from God”) as she had come to us during Christmas time.

The left leg, which was the worst, was operated on December 19, 2008, and the right leg after 6 months. In between she had her spaying done as she cannot be bred.

Now she is a confident little cuddly dog and very affectionate with all the people she meets . Our other dog Prince protects her like his own.

Well someone’s selfish loss is our “Infinite Gain.”