Sarah and Toby from Midlands, UK


Human: Sarah

Canine: Toby

Location: Midlands, UK

Type: Dachshund / Border Collie mix

Our Story:

We used to rent a flat and pets were not allowed so, despite being desperate for a dog, I got a rabbit. I mentioned to the vet that I really longed for a dog and she asked me which breed I fancied. I always loved Border Collies and Dachsunds but she said that Collies are too intelligent and Dashies have too many back problems.

When we bought our own place, work commitments meant that we rescued 2 cats instead of a dog and our beloved Mollie and Sophie died last year. The day after Mollie died I went to the DogsTrust at Roden UK and there looking so sorrowful was Toby. Due to ill health I am no longer able to go out to work and was so depressed due to a total change of lifestyle. Toby needed a quiet home and someone to spend lots of time with him and teach him that humans can be nice.

DogsTrust did a great job rescuing him but needed to get him rehomed quickly as he was not doing well in kennels. Later that week Toby came to stay and I am certain he is the angel I needed. He is so loving, intelligent, protective and challenging to entertain that I no longer feel lonely. He is an ambassador for DogsTrust and all rehoming centres. He gives me purpose and hope, something that everyone deserves – especially dogs.