Scuba Judy and Wilson (“Willie”) from Friendship WI


Human: Scuba Judy

Canine: Wilson (“Willie”)

Location: Friendship WI

Type: Boston Terrier

Our Story:

We were forced to find our first Boston Terrier, Raji, a home because he bit a three year old family member and we lost our homeowners insurance. Both my husband and I were quite upset about the situation because Raj had never been aggressive toward anyone before. He was content to just find a place to lay down and not bother anybody.

Luckily, with the help of a local Boston rescue, we were able to find him a comparable home (an 8 month old female Boston and a cat). His new Mom even takes him to work with her, where he has his own bed and “office bones.” Needless to say, Boss was quite lonely without his partner. After a few months of trying to keep him from chasing the cat, I decided to start looking for another Boston. Bostons never appear in our shelters and the rescue candidates were either quite old (and female — we wanted a male), not good with kids or men, or unsocialized.

I checked the Internet for a list of Wisconsin breeders and found one that had a black brindle puppy that was ready for a new home. I showed my husband his on-line picture and he said, “That’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.” Then, a few seconds later, he told me that he would pay half as my birthday present, which was in three days. I called the breeder and my daughter and I drove about 150 miles to see him the next day. I was intersted in finding a brindle, and he was just what I was looking for. His father was named Buffa Bad Boy, so I named him Buffa’s Boy Wilson or Willie for short. Buffa is Italian for joker. He has the best appetite. His dish is always empty when he’s done eating. That little guy is the best mental upper. He makes me laugh every day.