David and Honey from Pattaya Hill


Human: David

Canine: Honey

Location: Pattaya Hill

Type: Affenpinscher

Our Story:

She was a diseased little stray. One of many in Thailand, and pregnant. We fed her every morning.

She gave birth to six sweet little pups.

At six weeks one was absolutely covered in horrible mites. They were eating her alive!..I took her and

spent a fortune on Vets fees without success. Then a friend gave me some Mitoban. I bathed her in it a few times and it worked! But by then I had fallen in Love with her – called her Honey.

Now she lives very happily with Lucky, and Sweetie.

Sadly all the other pups and the mother died of a virus…….

My Girls live on the fat of the Land. Unlike most Street Dogs here who struggle to exist on handfuls of boiled rice!