Michelle and Bentley & Bailey from Norman, Oklahoma


Human: Michelle

Canine: Bentley & Bailey

Location: Norman, Oklahoma

Type: Cocker Spaniel

Our Story:

We were looking for a Cocker Spaniel and found a reputable breeder in

Oklahoma. We drove 3 hours and saw the cutest little tri-colored girl

(the runt of the litter) we had ever seen, but had to wait because she

was still too young. One week later, we went to pick up Bailey, and one

of her litter brothers was running towards me. He was all over me and

started barking and barking. He was precious, however we were not

prepared to bring home another puppy, especially since we didn’t even

have a name picked out for a little boy. With only Bailey in hand, we

left the breeder, drove two hours approaching the Texas border, when we

decided to go back to get the little boy. On the way back we were

reciting different names when we saw a sign that said “Bentley’s Turf

Farm!” That was it, that was the magical name, we would name him

Bentley! We now have Bentley and Bailey, and own a successful Dog Wash

and Grooming Salon in Plano, Texas named after him. Our business,

Bentley’s Dog Wash and Fine Grooming Spa, was established because of

our love for Bentley (and his sister) and all the dogs that need our

services. You can say, Bentley had me at woof!!!