Lilly and Rabbit from East London England


Human: Lilly

Canine: Rabbit

Location: East London England

Type: Norfolk Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier mix

Our Story:

My friend Tom had a gorgeous lovable terrier called Gina, who I would look after when he was away for long periods for work. Gina’s mum Tulip is a Norfolk Terrier and lives in Gloucestershire, England. I was always on the lookout to get a new dog but no one seemed to match Gina’s looks and personality! What I wanted really was a mini Gina and felt that I would never find the right dog. Tulip meanwhile had had her third and final litter, four lovely pups. By the time Tom and I had found out about it all the dogs had been allocated to new homes. But 8 weeks later I got a call saying that one of the new owners couldn’t take one of the pups and did I want to fetch him the next morning! That’s when I went and met Rabbit, he was the cutest little puppy I ever saw, and a mini Gina, I felt so lucky. I took Rabbit to Tom’s the next day so he could meet his half sister Gina and when he was hopping round the sofa we nicknamed him Rabbit and that name stuck ever since!