Marcia and Henry from Atlanta, GA


Human: Marcia

Canine: Henry

Location: Atlanta, GA

Type: American Pit Bull Terrier

Our Story:

I was a dog walker for several years. One morning while walking two Scotties, a tiny four-pound puppy emerged from a bed of ivy and walked toward me. I couldn’t believe my eyes, this tiny pup alone in the world. I stopped and looked down at him, he sat down in what seemed a defeated manner. I picked him up with one hand and held him against my shoulder. He nuzzled his face into my neck and at that moment I felt he belonged to me.

After returning the dogs that I was walking to their home, I drove around the area to see if i could hear a barking mother dog calling to her pup. I didn’t. I remembered the previous day stopping behind a vehicle at a park–I had a gut instinct the person was dumping a dog. To this day I believe Henry was that dog.

Henry was my first puppy, all of my other dogs had been adult rescues. He was so cute, yet so stubborn. The first year was a challenge, as his Pit Bull obstanance overwhelmed me, but we got through it. He is the most affectionate dog I have ever had and we are completely in love with one another. I own a pet supply business in Atlanta and he accompanies me every day to work. He has many admirers. Henry loves to play ball, hike and swim, but most of all he likes to cuddle.