Emmy & David and Boomer from Peoria, IL


Human: Emmy & David

Canine: Boomer

Location: Peoria, IL

Type: Labrador Retriever

Our Story:

Boomer came into our lives several months after our friend and companion, Magic, died. We met Magic in Hong Kong as a newly born black Lab. She stole our affection and became a constant companion. She passed at 14 years, leaving the family with a great sense of loss.

We intended to wait until the sorrow was gone before deciding to bring a new companion into the family. We waited several months before I proposed we take a drive to “just check out a new litter of pups.”

That’s when we met our current dog, Boomerang, who is a yellow male Lab. He was the last of his litter, and we passed him over without looking. He just didn’t satisfy our criteria. He was yellow (not black), male, and had already been returned to the kennel by his first owner because he was “too much to handle.”

We were inspecting two black female pups when a yellow streak came running across the yard. He wanted to play ball, even though he was smaller than the ball. He’d been given special treatment as the last of his litter, and he showed it by demanding attention. The more we played, the more we were willing to change our criteria.

When we realized the pup was born the day before Magic died, the decision was easy. We knew he was meant for us, and we had a new pup.

During the ride home we settled on a name. It is registered Boomerang in recognition of his original trip back to the kennel. We call him Boomer and don’t intend to send him back.