Celebrities and their rescue dogs

President-elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle made national news when they announced they planned to adopt, rather than buy, a dog for their daughters. Shelter administrators and animal advocates from around the country applauded their decision, but they’re not the first celebrities who have opted to adopt. Check out our list of luminaries who chose strays and shelter pups–and couldn’t be happier with their selections.

Jennifer Aniston – Corgi/Terrier mix: Norman

Drew Barrymore – Chow/Lab mix: Flossie

Mischa Barton – mutt: Charlie

Orlando Bloom – mutt: Sidi

Adam Brody – American Pit Bull Terrier mix: Penny Lane

Sandra Bullock – mutts: Poppy and Ruby

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart – Chihuahua: Nellie

Jake Gyllenhaal – German Shepherd: Atticus Finch

JK Rowling – Greyhound: Sapphire

Charlize Theron – mutt: Tucker

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