Doggone News Roundup: Allergic To Humans, North Korea Hates Dog Parties, Explosive Sniffing Dog And More…

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The fireworks have faded and we’ve finally managed to calm all our pups down, so it’s back to the grind for us. But the news isn’t all bad, especially the dog news. We’ve got dog-inspired technology, a pup with eyes to big for her stomach, and a pooch who won’t be torn away from his soccer game in this week’s Doggone Roundup!

1. Some Dogs Can, And Will, Eat Anything

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Tiki the black lab had a tummy ache when she went into the vet, and the reason became clear after her surgery. The hungry hound had gobbled up eight pairs of underwear, 62 hair bands, four rubber bands, and a bandage, which would give anyone an upset stomach. The items were successfully removed, and Tiki is recovering well. She’ll be on a strict diet of actual food from now on.

2. Heaven Looks Like This

A video of 16 Basenji puppies from three different litters all living in the same house is going viral. The pups look like they’re having a blast, and their human kids love playing with them. The pups are happy to chase after toy cars, run through the snow, chomp on laser guns, and snuggle all over the place. The breeders said all 16 puppies have since been given away to loving homes.

3. A Bucket List For Chester

Chester (Photo Credit: Facebook Chestersbucketlist)

Chester, an older, terminally ill dog is getting a chance to make his last days the best of his life. A rescue worker named Nicole adopted Chester from a Georgia animal shelter after reading about him on their website and decided to provide the old pup with a bucket list journey, which she is documenting on Instagram and Facebook. She hopes Chester will leave a legacy that inspires more hospice care for cats and dogs in the future, and we hope so, too. And now, we’ve got a bad case of the feels.

4. Allergic To Humans

Do you know someone who is allergic to dogs? Well sometimes dogs can be allergic to humans. That’s the case with Adam, a rescue dog who has an allergy to human dander. And just like humans with allergies, he gets medicine that is specifically made for him so he can handle being around the people he loves. The pooch has found his forever home and, thanks to the medicine, is happy to have a human to cuddle.

5. Hot Dogs Saved In Tennessee

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Dogs love going for car rides where they can let their ears flap in the breeze. But they should only go to dog friendly places where they can hop out of the car. It’s dangerous to leave pups in parked vehicles, and Tennessee knows that. They’ve made it legal for people to smash windows of parked cars to help overheated canines. Efforts have to be made to contact the owner and police, but the law protects good Samaritans who save hot dogs.

6. North Korea Hates Birthdays, Everything

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You may remember the “Birthday Dog” meme, a picture of a smiling pup with a birthday hat on, enjoying his party. Well a North Korean news show used the meme and pictures of other dogs to condemn America for its inequality, saying that dogs are treated well while the poor suffer. Poverty and inequality are surely serious problems in the United States, but we have our doubts that canceling dog birthdays is the solution. Thanks for your input, North Korea.

7. Dog Sniffer Inspires Disease Detector

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Dog noses are so good at sensing chemical changes, they’ve been known to detect cancer in patients by smelling their breath. A diagnosis team is currently developing a laser instrument inspired the dog’s unbeatable sniffer. The device can detect chemicals in the breath at a scale of parts per million, though it’s still not quite as sensitive as what nature gave our canine buddies. We’ve got a way to go before we catch up to them.

8. Dog Is For The Birds

Bob the golden retriever made the internet say, “Aww,” when pictures of him sharing a blanket with his bird buddies went viral. The sweet pup shares his home with eight birds and a hamster, and the gentle pooch is happy to snuggle up or act as a nice, furry perch for his avian friends. His Instagram account has over 73K followers, and we hope the adorable pictures keep on coming.

9. Not Now, I’m Watching The Game

Deuce loves watching the FIFA Women’s World Cup, and not even his human toddler, Collins, can distract him from staring at the ball roll around the field. Collins wants to play, but like a grumpy older brother, Deuce shrugs him off to catch his soccer match. It takes a serious love of the game to focus in the face of such a persistent little human, but the World Cup and its fancy ball don’t come around every day.

10. Gone Like Smoke In The Wind

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When Smoke, a Labrador who works as an explosive sniffing dog for the Mississippi Highway Patrol went missing, his handler was worried. Family and friends organized a search, but the pup was nowhere to be found. A few days later, he showed up at a neighbors house with a tennis ball in his mouth, waiting for a game of fetch as if nothing happened. Turns out he just took a little doggy holiday, but like the rest of us, he’s back to work this week.

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