After Diving In Front Of Bus To Save Owner, Hero Service Dog On The Mend

A service dog is being hailed a hero in Brewster, New York, after saving his human from a bus. Audrey Stone, was walking with her guide dog, when a small bus, heading right toward them, failed to stop.

When the dog realized that the bus was not slowing down, he pushed his companion out of the way and took the brunt force of the impact directly. They both suffered injuries.

Figo did not want to leave his companion’s side. With his injured paw, he hobbled over so he could be with Stone as the medics worked on her.

Audrey Stone is legally blind and did not see what happened but she heard about it from the people that did. Witnesses reported that the dog jumped in front of the bus in an effort to shield Stone.

Figo has come out of surgery and is resting. His right leg is in a splint and he is recovering at the Middlebranch Veterinary hospital in New York.

Figo the hero. (Photo Credit: YouTube Video)

Figo’s companion Audrey Stone is in fair condition after having suffered a broken ankle, elbow and 3 ribs. She was interviewed in her hospital room, where she talked about Figo. She has had the 8-year-old Golden Retriever for six years. He is her third service dog.

This story is one of so many that show the absolute devotions that our dogs have for us. They seem to instinctually be willing at any moment to protect us from harm, without regard for themselves.

Just a few years ago another service dog was able to rescue his blind owner after falling onto train tracks.