Doggone Roundup: 10 Biggest Dogs News Stories For The Week Of May 30, 2015

Stories of FIFA and bribery got you down? Don’t care about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s selfie spree? Well, we’ve got the news that will have you barking for joy, like Pip the tiny pug, Poh the dog on a bucket list adventure and the stories that will make you hug your best friend tight.

1) Bark In The Park

The Cincinnati Reds hosted their Bark in the Park event, allowing fans to bring their pups to enjoy the game. All the dogs managed to resist chasing down the baseball, mostly because they were focused on the tasty looking ballpark food that their owners were gobbling up. Check out the video for some great “feed me” faces from the pooches.

2) A Voyce For Dogs

Voyce for dogs. (Photo Credit: Voyce For Dogs)

Humans get all the cool gadgets, but Voyce is a heart rate and health monitor for pups. PCWorld reviewed the collar that can allow owners to track doggy data to see if there is anything out of the ordinary in their dog’s respiration, or how much rest they are getting during the day among many other things. Voyce may help people spot health issues in their dogs before they become problems.

3) Dining With Dogs

Dining with dogs. (Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

A new bill in New York might allow restaurants in the state to permit dogs to join diners in back gardens and sidewalk patios. State health laws currently ban dogs from restaurants, but this new bill may loosen those restrictions. Looks like a round of table scraps for everyone!

4) Bucket List For Poh

Poh. (Photo Credit: PohTheDogsBigAdventure on Instagram)

When Poh’s owner heard that the 15-year-old dog didn’t have long to live, they headed out on a bucket list adventure to enjoy the time they still had together. Now, Poh’s traveled around 12,000 miles to 35 cities. He’s visited monuments and dog parks across the country and seems to be having the time of his life.

5) Captain Jack Sparrow Caught

Johnny Depp could be looking at 10 years in prison for bringing his Yorkies to Australia. He failed to declare the dogs on arrival, which means big trouble. Dogs are supposed to spend a short time in quarantine on arrival to the country to stop the spread of non-native diseases, but the sentence seems extreme. We’re hoping Captain Jack and his pups get out of this one.

6) Pip The Pint-Sized Pug

Pip! (Photo Credit: SWNS Via HuffPo)

Pip the pug from England may be one of the smallest dogs in the world. At 4-months-old, she’s only 4 inches tall and weighs just over a pound. But she packs a lot of adorable into such a small body. Her owner claims that Pip turns lots of heads, and many people think she is a toy at first. What a cute pup!

7) Police Dog Saves The Day

(Photo Credit: Hancock County Sheriff’s Office)

A Mississippi police officer was attacked and dragged into the woods by three armed men, but he was able to unlock his squad car with his keychain. Lucas, his K-9 partner, was able to jump from the car and chase off the attackers, biting one of them and scaring the rest off. The police duo managed to escape with a few minor injuries, but they’re doing just fine thanks to Lucas.

8) The Trampoline Escape

Thomas McCormack was pretty surprised when his pup Paddy joined him on the train one day. Apparently the Labrador-Collie mix escaped the backyard by jumping from a trampoline over the fence. Then, he simply followed Thomas, boarded the train and sat down next to his human.

9) Dogs At Work

Speaking of dogs coming to work, tech companies across the country are encouraging dog owners to bring their buddies to the office. A company called WeWork rents spaces to tenants in dog-friendly buildings, believing that pups reduce stress and increase happiness and productivity. We couldn’t agree more. Pups in the workplace for all!

10) Real Life Fox And The Hound

Fox and hound! (Photo Credit:

Photographer Torgeir Berge’s dog, Tinni, has found a best friend in a wild fox, affectionately called Sniffer. The two play together and go on adventures, never once suspecting they are completely different species. Their pictures are adorable and have inspired Berge to speak out against the fur industry. We couldn’t be more thrilled by this Disney movie come to life. Cuteness overload!

That’s all for this week. If you spot a great dog story next week, Tweet it to me @MikeClarKent and you might see it on next Doggone Roundup!