Video With A Strong Message: Be Responsible: Give, Adopt Wisely

A video with a sad but truthful message. (Photo Credit: Zsofia Zsemberi)

The following video was posted to YouTube by Zoetis, a Hungarian company that sells medicines for pets and livestock.

With the message:

“This short film is our gift to all living creatures on the planet and we hope you will like it, and it will make an impact.”

It quickly went viral and has over 2 million views.

It has a very powerful message and should be watched by all parents, dog owners and anyone that is considering any type of adoption or giving a pet as a gift.

Be Responsible

Give, Adopt Wisely

The director made this statement:

“We made this short movie in order to draw attention to the abandoned, abused animals on the planet. I truly think that it is important to understand that whatever happens to an animal could also happen to a child. It is also a known fact that someone who abuses animals is likely to abuse human beings as well. This is why we thought that the strong resemblance between child and dog is important in this movie. We cannot turn our heads away from brutality and abuse in the world and it doesn’t matter if it’s something that’s happening next to you, in your neighborhood, or in a far-away land. As a filmmaker and human/animal rights activist, I think it’s important to make movies that could influence others to rethink or even change things for the better in their own lives, or in the way things are happening around them.”

— Zsofia Zsemberi, director

Hug your dog today. (Photo Credit: Zsofia Zsemberi)

If you are unable to care for a dog please do not abandon your animal, reach out to local rescues and if they can’t help, call your local animal services or Humane Society.