6 Good Reasons To Adopt A Senior Or Older Dog

An aging red Dachshund and a blue plush.

(Picture Credit: BigRedCurlyGuy/Gettty Images)

Shelters are full of older dogs hoping for a second chance at life. Many of these animals were once loved by someone, but for various reasons end up homeless.

A lot of people think that if they drop their older dog off at the shelter, the dog will get adopted and have a great life with someone else. Sadly, most of the time, this just isn’t so. Many of these animals become depressed and are overlooked in favor of younger, cuter dogs.

When most people think of bringing a dog into their family, they’re thinking of a warm, cuddly, tail-wagging, wet-nosed puppy. While puppies are lovely, there are a lot of solid reasons to consider adopting an older dog.

Senior dogs need homes just as badly as younger dogs and make loving and loyal companions. Help spread the word during Adopt a Senior Pet Month, which is observed throughout the month of November. Here are a few reasons you should adopt a senior dog.

If you’re going to bring home a new dog, it’s important to educate yourself so you can give the dog time to adjust to their new surroundings and family. Observe your new dog to get familiar with their personality, likes, and dislikes and to see how your dog is communicating with you.

A kind, understanding attitude helps them make the adjustment with ease and comfort. The privilege of loving an older dog can make every day special.

For those reluctant to consider a senior because the possibility of a painful loss seems closer, remember that life offers no guarantees. Quality of time together matters so much more than quantity.

Would you adopt a senior dog? What other benefits do older pups give? Let us know in the comments below!