Pet Store Tricks Customers Into Adopting Shelter Pets

In Brazil, adopting a shelter pet is free, and some fed up shelters that were overflowing with puppies, kittens, dogs and cats decided to try something new to find forever homes, for their rescues. They used deceptive measures with the public, but I don’t think anyone really minded.

Dogs and cats in shelters often die in shelters. (Photo Credit: Quatro Patinhas)

People drop off animals in shelters every day thinking they will be adopted and have a great new life. The sad reality, as explained by one of the shelter workers, is that most actually die from disease, depression and malnutrition. An organization by the name of Quatro Patinhas decided they want to change the publics perception of shelter animals and created a program called Priceless Pets in which they joined up with a pet store and replaced all the purebreds with shelter mutts and kittens.

All a shelter cat or dog needs is a chance. (Photo Credit: Quatro Patinhas)

The main purpose of this program is to educate people, so they learn that shelter animals, aside from being a more cost effective route (totally free), are also just as loveable and deserving of love as the puppies and kittens in the fancy stores. Some people think that if something is free, it holds no value. Shoppers soon found out that could not be further from the truth.

They placed hidden cameras all over the store to get the reaction of people when they found out the puppies and kittens were all from local shelters.

The video is sweet, you see people walk in, take a liking to a specific dog or kitten, then you get to see their excitement when they are told the animal of their choice is totally free.

People bypass animal shelters for pet stores every day, totally unaware of the selection they are missing out on and the lives that are languishing in these overcrowded and underfunded shelters.

A shelter cat is just like any other cat. (Photo Credit: Quatro Patinhas )

In Los Angeles a bill was passed in 2012 that no longer allowed pet stores to carry puppy mill puppies. Retail pet stores are only allowed to adopt out rescue animals. Los Angeles is also a mecca for weekend pet adoption events. Even with all the changes and efforts that are made in progressive Los Angeles the shelters and rescues are still full to capacity.

Rescue pets are just like any other pets and some say they are more loving and seem to even be grateful for being saved by the humans who adopt them…Gratitude for having their lives turned around.

If you are determined to buy a dog or cat in a pet store, that is wonderful. They need homes too, but please check a shelter or breed specific rescue first. You never know what beautiful treasure could there waiting to love you.

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