Animal neglect prevention program launched

Cash-strapped pet owners in Staten Island, N.Y., can receive affordable veterinary care for their pets thanks to a new program. This groundbreaking program, which is the first of its kind, is expected to cut down on cases of animal neglect.

“Living with financial hardship can be tough enough,” Daniel Donovan, Richmond County District Attorney, tells the New York Post. “There is no reason for the health of the guardian’s animals to suffer as well. I for see this as a way to stem animal abuse and for pet owners to avoid potential arrest for neglect.”

Donovan’s office partnered with Veterinary Centers of America and New York City’s Animal Care & Control to create this affordable pet healthcare program. Pets will be treated for ear and eye infections, uncomplicated lameness, flea allergy dermatitis, and other conditions.

Donovan noted that advanced care options will be available with a payment plan. He also explained that anyone who abuses their pets will still be prosecuted by his office. “Make no mistake,” he said, “this is not a free pass for those who harm animals. Those cruel individuals will still be vigorously prosecuted by my office.”

For information about this program, a hotline has been set up. The number to call is 718-876-6300.

Sources: New York Post, Veterinary Centers of America, New York City’s Animal Care & Control