Adopt a dog or cat for the 4th of July

Looking for a new four-legged best friend this weekend?

The 4th of July, or Independence Day, celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which took place on July 4, 1776. Shelters across the country are featuring “adoption specials” this weekend, and to tie into the festivities are the following 27 adoptable dogs and cats whose names as the same as one of the 56 monikers on the historic document (as listed under the animal’s name with the state they represented in italics) — click on any of the following pictures below.

Abraham (Boxer mix in Amelia, Ohio):

Abraham Clark (New Jersey)

Arthur (Domestic Shorthair in Hillsdale, Indiana):

Arthur Middleton (South Carolina)

Benjamin (American Pit Bull Terrier in Roanoke, Virginia):

Benjamin Franklin (Pennsylvania)

Benjamin Harrison (Virginia)

Benjamin Rush (Pennsylvania)

Button (Domestic Shorthair in Cumming, Georgia):

Button Gwinnett (Georgia)

Caesar (Boxer mix in Crawfordville, Florida):

Caesar Rodney (Delaware)

Carter (Dachshund in Cincinnati, Ohio):

Carter Braxton (Virginia)

Charles (Domestic Shorthair in Statesboro, Georgia):

Charles Carroll (Maryland)

Edward (Chinese Shar Pei mix in Elkins, Virginia):

Edward Rutledge (South Carolina)

Gerry (Miniature SchnauzerPoodle mix in Fremont, California):

Elbridge Gerry (Massachusetts)

Francis (Boxer mix in Johnson City, Tennessee):

Francis Hopkinson (New Jersey)

Francis Lewis (New York)

Francis Lightfoot Lee (Virginia)

George (Domestic Shorthair in Clearfield, Utah):

George Clymer (Pennsylvania)

George Read (Delaware)

George Ross (Pennsylvania)

George Taylor (Pennsylvania)

George Walton (Georgia)

George Wythe (Virginia)

James (Bassett Hound in Newtonsville, Ohio):

James Smith (Pennsylvania)

James Wilson (Pennsylvania)

John (American Bulldog in Mesa, Arizona):

John Adams (Massachusetts)

John Hancock (Massachusetts)

John Hart (New Jersey)

John Morton (Pennsylvania)

John Penn (North Carolina)

John Witherspoon (New Jersey)

Joseph (Domestic Shorthair in Richmond, Virginia):

Joseph Hewes (North Carolina)

Josiah (Miniature Pinscher mix in Downey, California):

Josiah Bartlett (New Hampshire)

Lewis (Labrador RetrieverWeimaraner mix in Salt Lake City, Utah):

Lewis Morris (New York)

Lyman (Doberman in Columbus, Ohio):

Lyman Hall (Georgia)

Matthew (Border Collie mix in Houston, Texas):

Matthew Thornton (New Hampshire)

Oliver (American Staffordshire TerrierShepherd mix in Denton, Texas):

Oliver Wolcott (Connecticut)

Philip (Domestic Shorthair in Iroquois, Illinois):

Philip Livingston (New York)

Richard (Shepherd mix in Dalhart, Texas):

Richard Henry Lee (Virginia)

Richard Stockton (New Jersey)

Robert (Domestic Shorthair in Minnetonka, Minnesota):

Robert Morris (Pennsylvania)

Robert Treat Paine (Massachusetts)

Roger (Terrier mix in Elkton, Delaware):

Roger Sherman (Connecticut)

Samuel (German ShepherdLabrador Retriever mix in Sanford, Florida):

Samuel Adams (Massachusetts)

Samuel Chase (Maryland)

Samuel Huntington (Connecticut)

Stephen (Labrador Retriever mix in Washington, D.C.):

Stephen Hopkins (Rhode Island)

Thomas (Domestic Shorthair in Benton, Louisiana):

Thomas Heyward, Jr. (South Carolina)

Thomas Jefferson (Virginia)

Thomas Lynch, Jr. (South Carolina)

Thomas McKean (Delaware)

Thomas Nelson, Jr. (Virginia)

Thomas Stone (Maryland)

William (American Bulldog mix in Exeter, California):

William Ellery (Rhode Island)

William Floyd (New York)

William Hooper (North Carolina)

William Paca (Maryland)

William Whipple (New Hampshire)

William Williams (Connecticut)