Loyal dog killed while saving owner’s life

According to Ria Novosti, a dog was killed in Kazakhstan on September 7 after he pulled his 46-year-old sleeping owner off railroad tracks.

The man was suicidal, and, after drinking a bottle of vodka, fell asleep on the train tracks in an effort to kill himself. His dog, however, dragged his owner from the path of an approaching train.

“Upon seeing the train, the dog started pulling its owner away, investigator Aida Muldasheva told the RN. “When train drivers saw the dog on the rail tracks, they used the emergency brake.”

Unfortunately, the dog couldn’t clear the tracks in time and was killed instantly when the train ran over his rear paws. His owner was taken to a hospital and suffered an injured shoulder and two fractured ribs.

Sources: Ria Novosti, Gawker