Lost dog found when he boards commuter train

Wednesday morning commuters on the Irish Rail had a very unlikely riding companion on the 6:49 a.m. train — a lost Jack Russell Terrier mix.

Quick-thinking Irish Rail employees took a photograph of the JRT mix and posted a “Lost Dog!” tweet on the company’s Twitter page, hoping that their 18,000 followers could pass the message along and hopefully track down the dog’s owner.

In just 32 minutes, more than 500 messages hit the Twittersphere, passing Patch’s photograph along from Twitter page to Twitter page until eventually, the photo of a commuting Jack Russell Terrier mix ended up on Deirdre Anglin’s computer screen.

Anglin instantly recognized the dog as Patch, her JRT mix, who went missing Tuesday night from Anglin’s home in Kilcock, County Kildare, Ireland.

Flabbergasted but very relieved, Anglin tweeted Irish Rail, “That’s my dog!”

“When I saw Irish Rail’s tweet, I was absolutely delighted and so pleased they thought of using Twitter,” Anglin told The Irish Sun.

When Patch boarded the train, bound for Dublin from rural Kilcock, he ended up an hour away from home at Pearse Station, where Irish Rail employees looked after the sweet pooch until his owner could arrive.

“It was good she showed up so quickly, because the staff at the office were getting quite attached to him,” Irish Rail spokesperson Barry Kenny told The Huffington Post.

Not knowing the dog’s name, the employees had been calling him “Checker,” joking that the JRT mix would make an excellent ticket inspector.

Source(s): The Huffington Post, The Irish Sun