Man spends $60,000 in nasty battle to win custody of dog

Breakups can be messy and painful, especially when there are kids involved. For Craig Dershowitz, his “kid” is a Knuckles– or Knux for short.

Craig Dershowitz and his “son” – a Puggle named Knuckles.

Dershowitz misses Knux so much that he has spent upwards of $60,000 in fees trying to get his beloved pooch back.

When Dershowitz and his now ex-girlfriend Sarah Brega ended their longtime relationship, Brega took Knux to her home in California while Dershowitz searched for a new place to live.

The doggy custody battle is starting to get ugly. Dershowitz, who purchased the Puggle two years ago while still dating Brega, now says his ex allegedly “dognapped” little Knux. Brega, on the other hand, claims that Dershowitz gave the dog up.

Brega tells the New York Post that she will continue to refuse Dershowitz custody of the Puggle. “Knuckles lives a happy and healthy life in California with me, where he has ample room to play and lives in close proximity to the beach for off-leash dog park outings,” explains Brega.

But a determined Dershowitz is refusing to give up on the dog he calls his “son.”

In an effort to raise funds to aid in his legal battle for custody of Knux, Dershowitz set up a donation website. On the site, he offers rewards for different contribution levels. For $10, Knux will send a virtual kiss to a donor; $25 buys you a “Free Knux” T-shirt; if you donate $250 and are in the Big Apple, Dershowitz is offering the chance to play a game of fetch with Knux. High-rolling contributors can even claim wardrobe stylist consultations and original graffiti art.

“I know it might sound funny and I understand that. If it wasn’t so painful, I would be laughing too,” Dershowitz explains on the website. “But this is very serious to me and I miss him a lot. Enough that I have gone into debt to retrieve him and enough that I am on here asking for your help.” The website also includes a video detailing Dershowitz’s journey to reclaim Knux.

Dershowitz has had luck with New York courts so far, but his battle for Knux continues Wednesday morning when he appears at a California hearing.