United Airlines lifts “dangerous dog” ban

Dogs are now welcome aboard.

The American Staffordshire Terrier was previously unable to fly on United Airlines.

In March, DogTime.com reported that nine dog breeds had been banned from United Airlines. The list of dogs appeared under the heading “Dangerous dog breed restrictions” on the website; Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, and similar breeds were among those on the no-fly list.

Dog owners were fuming about the ban, and saw it as dog profiling.

Since the airline’s ban was posted, more than 45,000 people signed a Change.org online petition, and prominent animal-rights organizations, such as Best Friends Animal Society, made their voices heard. The petition was started by Jessie Huart after her 10-year-old Pit Bull was turned away by United for transport.

Now, almost two months later, that list of dogs has now been removed from the company’s website. The only restrictions are particular short-nosed dogs, such as French Bulldogs, between June 1 and September 30 – presumably because those animals are prone to overheating. The restriction does not apply, however, if the animal travels with its owner in the cabin.

“We welcome this enlightened decision, which will immeasurably benefit Pit Bulls, Pit mixes and other dogs,” Gregory Castle, chief executive officer of Best Friends Animal Society, said. “It demonstrates an understanding that while dogs of these breeds may be strong, they still can be safely handled and transported when treated well.”

We at DogTime salute United Airlines for letting all dogs fly the friendly skies.