Lab with beer-fetching trick is “Most Talented Pet” in Australia

Most dogs love to play fetch with their owners, but four-legged wonder from down under Bes takes the game to a whole new level.

Australian black Lab Bes in action.

Bes, a six-year-old black Labrador Retriever, can crack open the fridge and fetch cold cans of beer for her waiting owner, and all on command.

Bes’ trick was caught on camera, and the video that came of the stunt (please see end of article) earned Bes the title “Most Talented Pet” in PETstock’s first annual online competition. The clever Lab beat out a whopping 630 other Australian animal companions for the coveted distinction.

Her skills managed to impress the judges, which included Australian celebrity veterinarian Dr. Katrina Warren, Richard Lord of Assistance Dogs Australia, and PETstock head honcho Shane Young.

Bes and her proud papa, owner Lee Mariott of Rosedale, Victoria, came away from the competition with more than just bragging rights; Bes’ talents earned Mariott a brand new car.

According to Mariott, teaching Bes her prize-winning trick was a cakewalk because the Lab is so smart.

“It took me all of thirty minutes to teach her to do that,” Mariott said proudly, “and even less to teach her to grab the TV remote.”

How did Mariott manage to teach man’s best friend such an amusing – and useful – trick?

“I first taught Bes how to pick up the can or bottle,” Mariott explained, “then showed her where it was in the fridge and asked her to fetch. It was that simple.”

Bes’ beer-fetch beat out some stiff competitors, including a resourceful rabbit named Jasper, who ended up winning “People’s Choice.”